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LifeSci Venture Partners

Partnering with Trailblazing Healthcare Entrepreneurs


Investment Philosophy

Privately held startup companies are among the most innovative and dynamic players in the healthcare sector, which is experiencing an unprecedented period of fundamental scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations.  We proactively seek out the most promising young companies and talented founders to partner with and nurture to help create tomorrow's cures. 

Our investment guidelines:

  1. Focus on the most dynamic sectors of healthcare with the highest growth rates and the greatest potential to transform healthcare: biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals, medical devices, digital health and information technology.

  2. Seek trailblazing business models with unique scientific or medical approaches, not fast followers with me-too business plans.

  3. Co-invest alongside the largest and most established healthcare institutional investors so that our portfolio companies have ready access to financial resources, and can instead focus their energy on executing their business plans.

  4. Invest in passionate founders who are taking on the biggest bets of their careers.

  5. Partner with our portfolio companies and offer the full resources and relationships of LifeSci Partners' affiliated business units and 95+ person healthcare team.




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