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“We are delighted to work with such a strong team of investors and advisors who share our vision for the future of bioelectronic medicines.
— Kate Rosenbluth, PhD, Founder and CEO

May 2019, Series C

Cala Health is a bioelectronic medicine company transforming the standard of care for chronic disease. The company's wearable neuromodulation therapies merge innovations in neuroscience and technology to deliver individualized peripheral nerve stimulation. Investors include Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Lux Capital, Novartis, Baird Capital, and others.


“Erasca was borne out of a mission to address this significant patient need and, one day, erase cancer. We recognize that this is an ambitious goal, as cancer is a formidable foe. But no mission worth taking is ever easy.”
— Jonathan Lim, MD, CEO

March 2019, Series A

Erasca is a San Diego based biotech company creating a new generation of oncology drugs that will target the biological drivers of cancer. Investors include City Hill Ventures and Cormorant Asset Management, ARCH Venture Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and Reneo Capital.


[This] Series B financing ... puts us in a strong position going into 2019 to advance our ambitious mission of bringing to market the world’s first, fully autonomous, bionic pancreas
— Ed Damiano, CEO

January 2019, Series B

Beta Bionics is a medical device company developing the breakthrough iLet system which combines advanced medical technology and AI to replicate the insulin and glucagon regulating functions of the pancreas. Investors include Eventide, RTW, Eli Lilly, Dexcom, Novo Nordisk and Zealand Pharma.


The breadth and strength of our investor syndicate is a reflection of the enthusiasm for ... our lead asset to address liver pathology in patients with NASH
— Andrew Cheng, MD, PhD, CEO

December 2018, Series B

Akero is a biotechnology company focused on serious metabolic diseases with a lead program, AKR-001 (an FGF21 analog) for NASH entering Phase 2 studies. Investors include Apple Tree, Atlas, venBio, Versant, Janus Henderson, Redmile, Tavistock, Cormorant and others.


This financing brings together a syndicate of investors with a deep understanding of novel HAE therapeutics and enables Attune to advance our lead clinical program through proof-of-concept.
— Andrew McDonald, PhD, CEO

June 2018, Series B

Attune is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on novel small-molecule therapeutics for rare diseases.  Attune's lead drug is in clinical trials for the treatment of HAE and a second program is focused on complement-mediated diseases.  Investors include Venrock, RTW Investments, RA Capital, Tavistock and Tang Capital.


We have purposefully designed an industry leading FXR agonist portfolio with the potential for best-in-class therapy in NASH and first-in-class therapies for IBS-D and IBD.
— Ken Song, MD, CEO

June 2018, Series C

Metacrine is a San Diego based biotechnology company with exceptional chemistry capabilities and a potential best-in-class non-bile acid FXR agonist being studied for NASH and in various GI conditions.  Investors include NEA, Arch, venBio, Polaris and Venrock.


The recent Series B funding ... will allow us to advance the clinical development of CSF-1, an eye drop with the potential to eliminate the need for reading glasses in patients with presbyopia, a condition with substantial market opportunities and a significant unmet need.
— Elad Kedar, CEO

March 2018, Series B

Orasis is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing an innovative eye drop for the treatment of presbyopia symptoms as an alternative to reading glasses.  Investors include Sequoia, Visionary Ventures and SBI (Japan).


As a potential first-in-class treatment option to both treat and prevent otitis media, OP-02 has the ability to dramatically improve the lives of millions of patients around the world.
— Greg Flesher, CEO

March 2018, At-the-Market
Nasdaq: NVUS

Novus is a specialty pharma company focused on disorders of the near, nose and throat (ENT).  Lead product OP-02 is a surfactant-based, combination drug product being developed for otitis media (middle ear inflammation).  Venture investors include Orbimed, Peregrine and Pontifax.


We look forward to continuing to expand access to our portfolio of proprietary services and the highest-quality, most innovative products on the market.
— Nicholas Vita, CEO

January 2018, Series D
November 2018, RTO

Columbia Care is one of the largest medical cannabis manufacturers and providers in the US with licenses to operate in 14 states, Puerto Rico and the European Union.  By the end of 2019, we expect Columbia Care to sell its proprietary pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products in approximately 50 dispensaries in NY, NJ, FL, CA, MA, VA, PA and other limited license jurisdictions.


We have made tremendous progress during 2017 and, with this financing, we look forward to continuing the development of AK002 and our preclinical programs
— Robert Alexander, PhD, CEO

November 2017, Series B
July 2018, IPO - Nasdaq: ALLK

Allakos is developing AK002, a first-in-class antibody drug targeting Siglec-8 which is expressed on eosinophils and mast cells, for a variety of allergic, inflammatory and proliferative diseases.  Investors include NEA, Redmile, Partner Fund, Rock Springs, Samsara, Alta Partners, RiverVest, Roche Ventures and 3X5 Partners.


Our vision is to utilize our novel manufacturing approach to achieve low-cost and high uniformity, enabling factory calibration (no finger sticks) in a nickel-sized patch.
— Jared Tangney, PhD, CEO

November 2017, Series A
March 2019, Series A-2

Biolinq is a digital health company with a wirelessly-enabled biosensor patch that is capable of continuously monitoring multiple biomarkers. Its lead application is a next-gen CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for diabetes patients.  Investors include Merck KGaA, Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Grey Sky Ventures and Three Leaf Ventures.


The LifeSci team played an integral role in the formation and successful launch of Engage Therapeutics. At all times, I considered them part of my team. From the beginning, LifeSci guided me through the investor story, outreach process and strategy for closing.
— Greg Mayes, CEO

September 2017, Series A

Engage is developing Staccato® Alprazolam, a small, easy-to-use hand-held drug-device combination product that leverages an FDA-approved delivery system with FDA-approved Alprazolam for the cessation of active and acute epileptic seizures.  Investors include TPG, Adage Capital and Lumira Capital.


Our vision is to create a fully-integrated platform gene therapy company with a portfolio of distinct treatments for devastating genetic diseases.
— Gaurav Shah, MD, CEO

March 2017, Series B
January 2018, NASDAQ: RCKT

Rocket Pharma is developing a broad gene therapy portfolio for devastating rare diseases and has assembled an all-star scientific and management team. Lead program is a lentiviral vector for Fanconi Anemia.  Investors include RTW Investments, Cormorant Asset Management and Tavistock.